Saturday, 26 July 2014

Millions of Peaches

  A week ago, the baby's and I drove out to Kimberley B.C. to spend a couple nights in one of our favourite places and to meet Baba for Ellis' two week vacay at the lake, Camp Baba and Papa's. 

On the way back from Creston, our meeting point, and to make me feel not so sad for not being able to join my big boy on his special vacation .. I stopped at one of my favourite fruit stands. Everything ripened early this year and thank goodness for me, the peaches were available and calling my name. So, like any normal person would do.. I bought 20lbs of fresh, juicy, sweet, succulent, fuzzy peaches! And Charlie got some raspberries, because bubba loves to make a mess of raspberries. 

I knew they weren't going to make it much longer than a week, so my plan with 20lbs of peaches was to bring them back home with me and freeze them . We drink a lot of smoothies and sweet peaches are always a great addition. 

So this is how you do it, in case you decide to purchase 20lbs of peaches…

And let it be known that I will be purchasing another 20lbs on our return trip from picking up our big boy…  yay!! 

1.Prep an ice bath & throw a stock pot on the stove, bring to boil.

2. Admire your beautiful pile of peaches. Juicy and sweet! 
3. With a sharp knife, score an X on the top of the peach. This will allow for easy peeling . Unless you prefer the skin on your peaches when freezing, then head straight to the chopping board and omit the rest of these instructions. 

4. Find your peach cradle. Or a soup ladle will do the trick , I guess.
Immerse about 5 peaches in the boiling water, let them bob around for about 2 minutes. No more! 

5. Grab your peach cradle and gently scoop up the peaches, one at a time and place in  your ice bath. For those that need to know, this stops the cooking process so you do not end up with mushy peaches. 

6. Using your hands, gently peel off the skin and discard. Basically, the skins will roll off in small pieces , so do this over a bowl to contain the mess.

7. Once you have prepped 10 or so peaches.. it's time to prepare them for the freezer.

8. To remove the pit, you want to use your knife and cut through to the pit , hold it there and press your knife to the side and the pit and peach should separate. Do this slowly and carefully , you don't want to end up with mush. 
9. Arrange on a parchment lined tray and place in freezer to flash freeze for 30 minutes. Flash freezing will allow you to transfer your peach pieces individually to a zip closing bag without having them freeze into one big pile of peaches.
20lbs of peaches will fill 3 large freezer zip closing bags. Doesn't seem like much, but they are tastier , fresher and you know exactly where your fruit came from! And I love knowing where my food comes from.

And there , you've just made yourself a batch of blanched frozen peach pieces, perfect for adding to smoothies , crumbles, cobblers, pie or to tame teething toddlers. Easy peasy. 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Big Hill/Big Change

It's no surprise that we have moved. We've been talking about this move for almost 3 years now and the opportunity has presented itself time and again.

The timing wasn't always there. At one point, we found out my parents were moving to our town (in which case, i was not going anywhere!), then our house was still under renovation; and then at one point, we just weren't ready for the change. 

moving made me go crazy! 

Moving to a new town with children is a tough decision to make. Ellis had enough prep time to understand what it meant and we had talked about it long enough that I think he was just relieved that we finally did something about it. He never cried about it, not about leaving his house or his friends. Until, one day, we were driving home from a trip to Kimberley and he was looking through photos on my phone and said "mommy, I miss our old house". Tears that broke my heart emerged and I had to remind him we can always visit. Occasionally , he will ask if we can go meet the new people that live in his old house and I remind him that we will, soon . 

But, with change comes new adventures. We've made it our mission to try and do as much as we can to make this new town feel like our new home. It's becoming rapidly apparent that we were meant to live this close to the mountains and amongst so many diverse natural havens. 

For example…  Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.. AMAZING! 

Above is a photo of the boys on the walking path at Big Hill Springs. This place is comprised of so many paths that , from what I hear, you need to be a repeat visitor to get the full effect . Not a problem! Though Charlie's little legs only lasted so long and the pathway is not stroller friendly for the most part. But, it was a safe and beautiful place to let our little Prince Charles walk on his own and discover rocks and leaves. The only disappointment I had was that Daddy Hodge couldn't join us; somebody has to make the big bucks. Ha. 

At the beginning of the park there are beautiful pools of cool water and streams gently flowing through. It truly is a place that nature created for our little ones. Picnic tables for those who are fast enough to snag one ; but, I actually enjoyed sitting on the grass/sand on a towel with Ellis munching away on our lunch. We had three hours there but you could very easily spend the entire day . I look forward to seeing this place in the fall. It will be gorgeous with all the frost and a skiff of snow. 

I know, hush on the S word. 

So, to sum up, life has been a bit hectic but the idea of moving to a new place is to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and this lifestyle was meant for us. Mountains to look at everyday, to remind you of the skiing that's to come this winter. A plethora of parks and pathway systems to urge you outside and to connect with nature. Downtown Cochrane, small town feel with enough amenities to keep you out of the big city for months. This town has a light hum to it; there's just enough going on that you have multiple choices within town to pick from or skip it all and go for a walk through a beautiful preserved park where your children can discover natures amazing scenery 15minutes from your front door. 

Good move, I say. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Mr.Pully's Groom Cake

Mr.Pully's Groom Cake 

Awhile back, I was asked to do a groom's cake for one of Ryan's very good work mates. Our whole family has a fondness for Mr.Pully and new wife, Mrs.Pully. They are such good people, amazing friends and from what I can tell, Mr.Pully is a pretty fun guy to work with. So, below is an account in photo form of how this cake came together.. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pin There Done That - Slow Cooker Bread

...Slow Cooker Bread…

Well it was a success. However, the end result isn't quite what I was hoping for and left me less than enthusiastic to share. But, there was some curiosity on how it turned out so I thought I'd share. Do note that this was not a complete failure.. the end result was just mediocre for me but I'm also not the biggest fan of bread these days when trying to lose the baby weight. { Especially when your body can not tell the difference between white sugar and a piece of bread, I really want my white bread to be amazingly worth it..} 

Also, I do have to say that this was fun for getting little hands in the kitchen to fill in our wintery afternoons. 
This is the link to the recipe I used… 

Dimples & Delights : Slow-Cooker Bread 

So here is how it went for us…

Line up your helpers. Throw an apron around their wee bellies.

Then measure out all of your ingredients! PS. I keep my yeast in the freezer… It will last longer!

Then follow directions as listed in the link above.

The stirring was a bit tough so two hands were better than one!

Preheat your slow cooker!! And do not be alarmed if it comes out looking very pale..

Now it has to be said that we turned on the slow cooker for the allotted time but something happened with the crock pot and it took about two hours since the bread was cooking on  the WARMING option !!!!!!!!! 
My gf was over to pick up her little kiddles and I was hoping to have a batch prepared for her but that didn't happen…. BUT we had a pretty good laugh when Ry realized that the slow cooker wasn't on the right setting after I commented its taking a little longer than the recipe noted. DUH!!!!

And I have to admit, it was actually quite delicious. A little squishy and plain tasty but thats what you get with white bread. And it had a bit of a sour dough taste to it too which I liked. It went really well with our Bolognese sauce we had with supper that night. 

Give it a shot! It was a fun afternoon activity for the kids and they really enjoyed seeing the dough rise before it went into the crock pot! To them, it was pretty magical! 

ps.. NO JUDGING on the amount of butter i used.. how can you enjoy bread without slathering it in a serious layer of butter.. com'on .